So, it’s that time of the month once again and this week my boyfriend and I will be fasting again.

We had a great experience last time and I hope this time I will last longer ^^

So here’s my diary:

Day 1

Today was hard. I really wanted to eat. At work there are two food dispensers. One for snacks like chocolate and pizza sticks and one for beverages like mezzo mix, limo, cola etc.

Last week I had a Spezi(mezzo mix). It’s from the company Flötzinger, our local brewery and let me tell you it is good.

It’s sparkly and ice cold when it comes out of the machine and the flavour is so great.

I really had to hold back to buy one today^^

But I had a really successful minute I’m proud of.

Last Friday I packed my bag for work beforehands and put a sweeter cherry drink in it forgetting that we wanted to fast from Monday on.

So today when I grabbed my bag I saw the cherry drink and really wanted it. I could have drank it but I replaced it with water. And I’m very proud that I did that 😀

The downside of fasting and having ‘the red’ at the same time is that you get VERY MOODY very quickly …

At this point I can’t even imagine that I already fasted once for four days and survived it. But it’s just my brain, thinking that my body is in a time of need.

But let me tell you, I could fast for four months without starving. There is enough on my ribs right now my body can use ✌

And you could never imagine how slowly time passes when you’re not eating 🙈


Around eleven I got really hungry. I never had that many food ideas in such a short time.

Day 2

I went to bed with a headache and woke up with one. I was freezing even though it was pretty warm.

I was a little bit hungry but not that much that it was uncomfortable.

Three kilos of water are already gone.

From time to time I was hungry but a bit of cleaning the apartment helped to forget that my tummy wanted food.

I pretty much felt neutral most of the day(when I was not hungry)

The feeling of being cold slowly went away over the course of the day.

Around 4 pm I was really tired so I dozed of for about an hour. And since then my energy level was very high so falling asleep was a bit difficult.

Day 3

I Woke up with a headache.
The smells at work didn’t help. The heat didn’t help either.

I didn’t have the urge to eat but I really wanted to lie down to get rid of the damn headache.

At around 8:55 everything smelled like Chinese food, even the cleaning solutions.?!

The Headache was still present.

Luckily, to keep myself from buying something from the vending machines at work I used a trick my boyfriend told me. I had no money on me. Not a single penny and that made it way easier.

As the headache just didn’t go away I took an aspirin and a caffeine capsule at 9:30 together with 1 1/2 liters of watered down camomile tea and 300 milliliters of cold coffee.

But it still didn’t get lighter. Maybe it was due to ‘the red’ that I had such a bad headache but it was annoying anyways. And all the strong smelling cleaning solutions for the machines and the noise in the workshop made it even worse.

At 13 I had lunchtime(I just drank my tea instead of eating), smelling all the good food around me (burger, noodles with sauce, chocolate, Leberkäse) wasn’t even that hard to stand. I didn’t get hungry at all. Maybe because I felt sick to the stomach due to the headache.

When I came home we decided to eat something today. It was a break of our fast but my headache got really bad after being consistent for 10 hours and my boyfriend didn’t feel that good either.

So we made lots of vegetables with ground meat. It was delicious, and we both got diarrhea because our stomach overreacted to the food after nearly 60 hours of no food.

Tomorrow we will continue our fast for as long as possible.


My right eyelid twitched the whole day and it was annoying as hell…

Day 4


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