What a weekend

Disclaimer: She is not dead

A year ago we went to the vet with Nala to get her her yearly vaccines. Back then everything was fine. She had a little bit of plaque on her teeth but the doctor said it would be fine as long as she chewed some wood or teeth treats from time to time. So alright, no need to worry.

Fast forward one year to her next appointment and her teeth got really bad. There was so much plaque, despite of regularly chewing on sticks and teeth cleaning treats, some of her teeth had to be taken out.

So while at our vacation in Switzerland she already lost a tooth that was loose. It didn’t hurt her and only God knows where it went.

On Friday she had her appointment and my boyfriend drove her there while I was at work. To take the fear from her he stayed while they gave her the injection to make her sleep.

It must have burned a little cause he told me she had been whimpering.

We picked her up a few hours later, the doc informed us that they had to take out nine teeth and that she was fine.

So now our dog had ten teeth less.

Nala was a bit shaky but she seemed fine. We took her home, gave her a lot of love and went to bed. The pain relief the doctor gave her after the treatment still worked.

The next day she recieved her pain killers at 7am. She spend the most of the day sleeping or cuddling. She didn’t drink but she always had been a bad drinker.

She received her food and some watered down yoghurt to get her some liquid and everything seemed fine. While we were watching TV she was laying at our feed sleeping soundly and she she got weird.

All icky and uncomfortable. Even though the pain was coming back so we just petted her and told her everything would be fine.

And then, at about one in the morning when we were just about to get up to go to bed she curved her back and threw up onto the blanket.

We didn’t scold her, she was recovering from an OP so we just cleaned up.

Blanket number one to go into the washer.

She laid down onto her own blanket on the floor and fell asleep.

We wanted to wait to see if she had to throw up again and 10 min later she did.

Blanket number two to go into the washer.

And half an hour she did again.

Blanket number three to go into the washer.

We assumed she didn’t take the pain killers very good so we went to bed with her seeming all fine again.

At three in the morning a sound woke us and she threw up once more. She’s got two blankets in her bed and the too one was full of puke.

Blanket number four to go into the washer.

Twenty minutes later and blanket number five went out of the room to be washed as soon as possible. (The first round of puke blankets was already running)

She laid down in her transport box we kept nearby because she really likes it and she feels secure in there.

An hour later the next blanket was spoiled. So blanket number six.

She threw up three more times, but it was dry puke because there was no liquid left in her.

We went to sleep after cleaning her mouth at 4 in the morning and hoped it would be over now.

Forward to seven o clock when a very loud “shrrrpf” woke us only to find a very huge pile of liquid dog poo on the floor and our dog shaking and looking at us in fear.

“It’s alright” we told her and started cleaning up.

It had been an explosion. And it stank so terribly…

Not only was the floor full of liquid poo but it sprayed onto the wall of the bed at our feet.

BUT….she had made it out of her bed so no blanked was spoiled this time.

We cleaned everything up and tried to get rid of the s as much as possible but that was very hard.

As tired as we were we went to bed anyways with the window open and the ventilation on.

Luckily nobody sites from stink.

We decided to stop giving the pain killers and give her only very little amounts of food.

So on Sunday she spend the whole day with us and we watched her very closely.

At around 12 we decided she was awake enough to go for a little walk. She had trouble pooping and just as she was ready to do so she lifted her left rear foot very quickly and then didn’t want to put it down again. She had stepped into a wasp that already pumped his venom into her tiny foot. As I tried to take it away it stung again, three times and as I got it off I killed it.

So there was my little doggy standing. All sad and looking at me like the world turned against her.

Her face had the look of “That’s ive had enough just bury me” on it. And she didn’t want to take a single further step.

So I carried her back home where she immediately lied down all sad.

We went to drink coffee with my “nearly-in-laws” where she threw up a bit once more.

Blanket number seven.

The rest of the day we tried to get her to drink(we were successful with about 100 millilitres) and to get her out as often as possible for her little poops.

She couldn’t really go and she refused to eat anything at all.

So today we will see how she feels.

My boyfriend will be getting a different medication from the vet to prevent infection and reduce her pain.

She’ll be fine but sometimes all the bad things happen at once to such a tiny creature that can’t even defend itself.


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