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What makes us happy?

It’s often the little things that make us happy…

I saw that there is something new to get creative:

Polymorph plastic

I was flashed by it, shared it on facebook, but decided not to buy it because I was a little short on money.

And last week I got home to find my boyfriend smiling with a pakage in his hands.

He bought me this Polymorph plastic because he saw that i liked it.

My share on facebook wasn’t because i wanted him to buy it for me but because I wanted other people to see this great invention.

Happiness is to find peace and joy in the little things.

The silence in the morning when the sun rises and the birds welcome the new day with their songs.

The peace you feel when you’re on top of a mountain in nearly 3000 meter height and there are no exhaust fumes, no waste and no people.

Looking into the eyes of your Significant others and feeling the love they feel for you.

Lying in your SO’s arms and hearing their heartbeat through their chest.

Waking up in the morning and feeling well-rested.

Going to bed after a shower and enjoying the fresh bed linen.

Taking a cool shower during a hot summer.

Lying on the green grass and listening to the leaves that rustly in the warm summer breeze.

Smelling the scent of blooming flowers in the winter.

Drinking cold Ice Tea on a hot Summer day.

Going outside in winter in warm clothing.

Watching the Sunrise and Sunset.

Spending good times with your friends and family.

Feeling the ocean breeze in your face while sea gulls cry from afar.

Thats what I call peace and at these times I feel happy.

In my opinion it’s important to be optimistic and take life like it is.

Being pessimistic isn’t good for ones health and it often ruins the beautiful moments.

A sea gull pooped on your shoe while you enjoyed the breeze?

Stop being angry, you can wash it off, even of shoes with clothing.

You’re enjoying the Sunset with your SO but there is a couple fighting next to you?

Don’t listen, enjoy the moment and hold your SO’s hand. Don’t let anybody ruin this!

Life is short yo you have to enjoy it to the fullest and savor every moment!


May all of you be happy and enjoy your life!



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