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Friends are like stars, although you cannot always see them and be with you, you know they are always there.
Friends are really special!

Some people would never admit that they need someone but everyone needs a friend, a soulmate to share bad times with.
For some people the partner is that someone and for some people it’s a special friend.

Sometimes there are situations where you can’t talk with your family or siblings…you need an outsider who can relate to your feelings. And that’s when friends come in.

It is a wondeful feeling to know that there is someone in this world who understands you and cares for you. Someone with whom you can talk about anything!

For me that special Someone is my female best friend but also my boyfriend.

But sometimes there are topics you cannot discuss that easily with your boyfriend…

Thanks to my friend I published a smal book with poems on Books on Demand.

She encouraged me to take that step and I took it.

Not many know about this collection of self written poems, only my dearest ones have a copy.

I’m really thankful for my friends and hope I can return all their favors sometime.


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