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The strength to change

It’s time for a change. It has been for some time now but somehow I just can’t muster up the strength to go through with it.
Losing weight always works for a few weeks but then I loose my confidence and fall back to carbohydrates and unhealthy eating.
It’s so frustrating.

Maybe this time…

Fasting is great but so hard. The days feel like three times as long when you’re not eating and there just doesn’t seem to be enough to do to occupy one’s mind so it doesn’t think about food.
I really like eating.

A few years ago I went to a clinic to lose weight.
I lost a lot. 30 kilos in six weeks.
Reduced calories and a lot of sport.
But it didn’t last. At least not the weightloss. What lasted was the damage it did to my body.
I couldn’t lose a single kilo without doing sport all day. I even put on weight despite the fact of eating much less that I normally did.
My digestion became very bad.

That weightloss facility was the worst that could have happened.
It out my body into hunger mode so I held on to every calorie It could get.

But now There is a chance of resetting my body. To ‘start new’.

Fasting for a longer time seems like the perfect solution.
Just three weeks and It is said to reset everything.
Wouldn’t that be great?
The only thing that stands between me and my goal is my strength.
Maybe I will stay strong this time.
I really hope so, I want a change.

Not that others find me more attractive, but because I want to be healthy and live long and enjoy the time I have and not be held back by too much weight.


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