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Childhood Memories

As a child there was a rule my parents set up.

One hour of TV a day.

I was very critical by choosing which one I wanted to watch. Here I present you:

My most favourite TV shows when I was a child


The series is about a group of babys from 1 to 3 years and how they see the world. It shows how babies like to make a game out of every activities they have. A few week ago I read an article, that in Rugrats, there are numerous hints and very creepy scenes…They were right…  o.O


I don’t think that I have to explain these hyperactive little version oft he Looney tunes. It is filled with humor, lots of parodies and a bit of crazyness which I really like. They even broadcast them nowadays from time to time 🙂

Sailor MoonSailor_Moon_01

My most favourite anime ever. I still love watching it now from time to time…

Now that I‘m grown up I’m sometimes nerved out because of Bunny’s permament crying but I still love it ^^

I even had a bingewatching event with a good friend of mine but we only got to Episode 30 or so…

There are 200!

Pinky and brain200px-Pinky_and_the_Brain_vol1

2 laboratory mice, one who just wants to live life and one who wants to take over the world.

Really funny with the cute but stupid Pinky and Brain, the evil masterhead.


Sabrina the Teenage WitchSabrina,_the_Teenage_Witch

Great series, Salem was always the funniest ^^ I liked to follow Sabrinas Life and her way to becoming a witch while still staying as normal as possible.


Lady Oscar230px-RoV_illustration

Oh god. So great. I loved Lady Oscar! She fought, she loved, she was beautiful…

I added the german intro so you get a idea of how different they were J


Little Women230px-Little_women

I watched this series from beginning to end. I cried, I laughed and I loved it!

I added the german intro as well so you get a idea of how different they were.

I watched all of it, even the real movie and I read the book ❤


All photos from

Now that I shared my most favourite childhood shows with you I really want to watch them again…

So many memories ^^

Maybe I will watch one or another episode again soon ^^



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