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What are the differences of Germany and America beside the language? Are they really that big?

Let’s find out 🙂

America Germany
Language english german
Population 317,238,626 81,084,000
Size 9,826,672 km² 357,340.08 km²
Capital Washington DC Berlin
Independence 4th od July 3rd of October
Foundation 1787 1871(Roman Empire)
Flag Flag_of_the_United_States.svg Flag_of_Germany.svg

In my opinion the biggest difference is the Attitude.

In America it’s no big deal to have a Barbeque with strangers on Independence Day or so.. In Germany it is unthinkable to have barbeque with people you don’t know.

Most Germany don’t want their Neighours to see or hear them and do everything to keep them from “spying”.

In America people are much more free minded and open to other people.

To be honest I prefer the American’s way of thinking.

The world is such a big place to explore, so why should you lock yourself in and lock others out?


Another BIG difference are SIZES.

In America a Gallon of Milk is normal. In Germany it is impossible to get such big sizes when shopping, even when you go to the metro (where you can buy especially big quantities, you get a lot of small milk containers…)


And then there are the weapons…Guns…

In America it is much more easy to get a gun and in most States it is allowed to use a gun.

Of course there are restrictions and rules you have to abserve but guns are no big deal in america.

In Germany it is much more complicated to get a gun and there are a lot of rules and hard restrictions.


I think it is a good thing that getting a gun in germany is complicated. Otherwise there would be a higher crime rate than there is now…

You can find further Information HERE.

Pictures from Wikimedia




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