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The Danger of Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest….

The list of social media nowadays is never ending…

There a so many sites and chats you can register to, it’s frightening.

Social media is a great Idea, I myself have a Facebook, a twitter and a Intragram account…and I have a blog ^^ but social media also brings great danger with it.

It has never been that easy to find out that much about someone you don’t even know.

And the reason for this is that many people don’t keep their personal information private. They post their address and their real name and all they do in facebook and wonder why strangers know so much about them.

There is a reason why you can keep your profile private on facebook.

There have been so many reports about cyber bullying or fake profiles on the internet to lure young one’s out.

Mostly young girls or boys are the victims.

Experiment – How easy it is to pick up girls on facebook.

Chat bubbles by Wikimedia Commons
Chat bubbles by Wikimedia Commons

Girls who are experiencing a change of their body, who are unsure and have to try new things as makeup and bra’s.

Girls and boys who are not very popular because they are shy or different and try to find new friends.

Those who are searching for love or someone who understands them.

And online you find so many people to write with that the bad people have great chances.

They text you and tell you you’re beautiful.

They keep writing with you for months and act like they are someone in your age.
And then they try to convince you to meet them. First you hesitate but when you give in it could end in a tragedy.

It happened so often in the past few years that parents really have to watch out.

Really bad people are out there and are searching for victims.


But let’s not be that pessimistic.

Social media also has good sides. 

I found a lot of old friend when I joined facebook and my mother got in touch with her relatives who live in Canada. She found old friends who moved away.

You can stay in touch over great distances and now you can even call your friends online – for free!

Internet by Wikimedia Commons
Internet by Wikimedia Commons

The internet is such a great invention with good and bad sides.

It helps the world to connect and share, you can learn something about cultures and any topic that exists by only using a PC with a connection to the internet.

But it has to be used with great care.

Kids can get to the wrong sites easily and your information isn’t safe when you keep it safe.

Information, Photos and Data on the internet stays there once it got there.

Deleting it is impossible…trust me…IMPOSSIBLE…

There are a few points you can keep in mind when being online to keep yourself and your information safe.

Exclamation Mark by Wikimedia Commons
Exclamation Mark by Wikimedia Commons
  1. Use strong password
  2. Use different passwords for different sites
  3. Never give your password away
  4. Never post nudes on the internet or send them in messengers
  5. Don’t trust strangers
  6. Never give your personal information to people you don’t know well in real life
  7. Set privacy setting on social media platforms to keep your information safe
  8. Report any sexual harassment
  9. Avoid bullying (don’t bully yourself and help people who are bullied)
  10. Teach your children how to be cautious on the internet


Another tip of mine would be to have more than one email-address.

I have one with my real name, one for social media things and one for my blog.

I have them to separate serious things from social media and to have a better overlook.


If you want to read further, here are some sites:

Safe surfing kids

Surf safely


I hope i could help and inform you a bit 🙂

Safe surfing and a nice day 🙂


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