The Nymph

I am a woman, a fragile being
I’m astouned by what I’m seeing
People rushing, too fast walking
People hushing, never talking

I was born in the forest green
near the rivers that were so clean
Roamed the field wild animals wild
I was truly natures child

But one day big maschines came
My beautiful forest they would claim
Thrive away the birds and me
So in fear I had to flee

Reached the city, grey and loud
Coated in a filthy cloud
Afraid and lost – I was a stranger
And I knew I were in danger

No flower and no trees in sight
Not a bird enjoying flight
Instead of green grass, just conctrete
It was hurting to my feet

The sight of the city hurts my soul
Is this really humankinds goal?
Living in a cube of grey
Waiting till the final day

Never laugh and never love
Never watching the sky above
Driving cars and working late
This is such a dreadful fate

I turned around and ran away
Hoped to find a better stay
A place with nature and a soul
Only there I can feel whole

Written by me, 2015


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