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Widen your Horizont

Sometimes you’ve got to widen your horizon, your way of thinking, your way of handling things.

Sometimes you have to break free of the never ending catch-22 of the daily life and work routine.
Even if it means you’ve got to have fun for only a few hours – at least you enjoyed the time!

Ever and anon I meet people that do the same thing their whole life.

I often held conversations that were like this:


What do you wish for your life?
I want to have children, a loving husband, a house with a small garden, two or three dogs and a Job i don’t hate.

And then?

Is there anything more?
What more could I wish for?

Travelling the world, meeting strangers and get into arguments with them, become friends, try ned food, find love or hate! Go on adventures, see the rainforest, the Himalaya, the ocean!
Why would I want that? To ruin my stomach with food I don’t know, to get a cold in the mountains and to step on see urchins in the ocean? I just want a normal life?

But don’t you want to tell your children and grandchildren stories about your travels and about the people you meet?
I know enough people that live here! And I’ve got everything I need!


Yeah, if you lead this “normal life” you’ve got everything I need and the wish to have a normal life is a good one, it really is!

But I want to go bigger!

I want to be curious, discover the world and meet new people!
I want to spend my life to the fullest so that there is nothing I could regret later!


Because one day, when i’m lying on my dying bed I hope I can say:

I saw the world, ate with the natives, loved, hated, laughed and cried.
I regret nothing because I made the best of my life and spend it with the ones I loved!
I found the love of my life, my soulmate and now I can die in peace!


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