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Cinderella Lips

Doesn’t any girl dream of full, beautiful lips like a princess? 1137425_1351764148280_full

Lips like cinderella…

Now it is possible to “try them out” temporarily with 24-hours injections.

Cinderella lips are the newest invention for people who are not quite sure if they really want to alter their lips forever with poisonous botox.

At least they found something that is’nt as dangerous as botox.

The new injections are made made of simple saline solutions – easy speaking saltwater.

It doesn’t harm your body and disapperas within 24-48 hours in the body.

There is still the chance of bruises but the risk is much lower than using permanent, or long lasting injections.

The Cinderella Lips injection costs about £30 and is pretty cheap for 48 hours.

Now there’s an alternative…

A lot of girls did the “Kylie Jenner Challenge” where you put a small glass on your lips, just big enough so they fit in, and then you suck until your lips get bigger.

This is often the effect:

The lips get big, yes but they literally explode because of all the blood that gets sucked into them. You get red bruises and yourskin gets hurt. It often takes several weeks for the lips to heal again. If the damage wasn’t too bad of course…

And all of that because they want to look like her:


Kylie Jenner

Reality Tv-Star and Model

Sister of Kim Kardashian


But Kylie is not to blame! She didn’t want to start a hype about her lips and she never asked her fans to do the challenge nor did she start it!

Of course she portrays a very unhealthy and unreal stardard of how you should look. People with that much money just get their lips done if they want to get them bigger, but most people dont have that much money and start doing stupid things like pumping their lips with a glass.

But Kylie asked her fans to stop hurting themselves and damaging their lips.

And to be frank, the real culprits behind this challenge are the ones who do it and the beauty industry!

They make you think that you’ve got to have big lips to be beautiful. The challenge may be a easy way to expand your lips – but is it really worth it?

Everybody is beautiful in his own way! And everybody should believe that there is nothing about him he should change!


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