My prayer Beads

12318260_10201028390509044_432763481_oThese are my new prayer beads made of wood of the Bodhitree.

According to the legend Buddha had his enlightenment under a Bodhitree so this tree is near to holy in Buddhism now.

The beads smell of wood and incense sticks and the beads have a radius of 3 centimeters. The 180 pearls are divided into 10 parts, each 22 pearls long, and colored in 5 different colors (red, green, black nature, brown)
I bought the beads on wish off an Chinese manufacturer.
I really like them, I can wrap them around my wrist 6 times and I can carry them around all day.

12325559_10201028392309089_2079362085_oAnd these are my prayer beads, my Mala.
This one is made of rosewood and has turquoise stones too.
I keep it next to my bed and use it only for my meditations.
I bought it 5 years ago and never wear it around my neck because it is not yet time…
Buddhists only wear their Malas around their necks when they got enlightened and I’m still far away from that.
Or at least I don’t feel ready yet.

Maybe there are some other Buddhists in my readership who would like to share their Malas?

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