What Presents to give for christmas

There are about three weeks left till Christmas and around this time everyone should start buying present.


This is one of the most complicated questions.

There are so many choices:

Jewelry, toys, Perfume, Body lotion, Gift cards, activities, self made presents, clothes, decoration articles, technical equipment….

The list is never ending.

But what is the right present for sibling, friends, the boyfriend….

In the last few years I baked cookies for friends and gave them to my friends on Christmas. It’s something everyone likes in the Christmas time and you can make special cookies for people if you know what they like.

And my boyfriend and me decided not to give actual presents but do activities together.
Last year we spent Christmas and new year in Paris.

My Parents get a “Collect gift” from my siblings and me. Once it was a date night with going to the cinema and eating out.
And a few years ago it was a coffeemaker they wanted.

It’s a great solution for a parents gift. You can gather money from your sibling and yourself and buy something more expensive for your parents than you could afford alone.

I made the experience that it’s very important to think about the Christmas presents soon enough and not to buy them on the day before Christmas.

I hope all of you find the right Christmas presents in time 🙂

There are still a few weeks left but Christmas will be here faster than you think.



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