The path of a thousand choices

In life we walk a path with many intersections where we have to choose.
What do we want for dinner at a restaurant?  Is the path through the park better or the longer one around It?
I a green dress better for today than a white one?
Every little decision you make is a intersection on your way that can change how life “develops”.

Some people are not happy later in life.  They think “this is not the Path I should be going.  Somewhere on my way I made the wrong decision”

It may sound a bit weird,  but there’s a simple rule to decide which where to go.
Always decide with your heartListen to what your body tells you.
You’ve got a bad feeling about something?  Don’t do it then.
Our body is our compass who leads us through life.
Most of our senses are rudimentary  while our evolution. But there are still some left that help us make the right decisions.

Our stomach gives us signals what is good and what is bad for us.

When it comes to friends we chose someone out of a Mass of people to walk the way with us and help us with deciding.

And when the first big intersection comes,  for most people it’s the choice of their work,  we have to choose depending on what we learned so far.
If we take the wrong way well end up on a way where there are no longer opportunities we can choose. The path goes on and on and we can’t see the goal at the end.

But there is always a chance to turn around and begin again.

Life is not a one way street. There is always a way to change and start again.

You only live once so you should make the best of it!


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