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Be a bitch or go home?!

Don’t light yourself so others are warm

I was raised to be nice. I was told to share and help others. I was told that being good gets you everywhere and people will cherish you for that.

But now, that I’m doing my own taxes, that I’m cooking for myself, that I’m no longer living with my parents and have to stand up to people – now that I have to be a grown-up – I realized that this isn’t the reality.

It’s not the nice people that climb the career ladder and earn the big bucks.
It’s the assholes. The people that think most highly of themselves, sacrifice all the others and tell the loudest.
It’s the people that most of the time only care for themselves.

It’s the same in nature. The bird yelling the loudest gets the most food. The nicest often die.

But are these people bad people?
No. They just realized how things work early.

Being nice doesn’t get you anywhere. Doing people favours show them that you’re easily exploitable and that you do a lot because you care.
And whenever these nice people refuse a favour people start getting mad and being disappointed.
Having a bad day is forbidden for these nice ones because that’s often the only mood others accept.

People that only look after themselves never do a favour. And if they do it’s a wonder and the get praised in the highest amounts.
And bad days are common for them. It’s okay that they are always stinky and in a bad mood. It’s accepted.

It’s so sad that caring for others is so little worth.

If you want to get anywhere you have to be an ass, even just for a bit.

I had to learn that the hard way. No matter how much you do for others they don’t credit you.
You are there because you are and the ones that always want to be in the spotlight and have all the attention by being mean and exploitative are being the ones receiving and receiving and receiving.

It doesn’t matter that you care for others. It matters how much you show them that you can survive on your own. Only then they look up to you and strive to be in your favour.

But where is the generosity, the giving and kindness when you only survive by taking and leaving others behind?

I still want to believe in good and kindness.

Where yould this lead our society if everone only thinks of themselves…




4 thoughts on “Be a bitch or go home?!

  1. Of course for men its a catch 22.

    I’d he’s a Bastard, Bad Boy or an As whole he risks being accused of sexual harassment, sexual assault and/or rape.

    On the other hand if he’s a nice guy he will be friend zoned and/or cucked.

    Because the vast majority of women will not sleep with a nice guy. Choosing instead to sleep with men who are aloof, emotionally unavailable and who simply take what they want.

    This is why millions of men are dropping out of the dating marketplace and the workplace as well.

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    1. And those girls, that sleep with assholes still want a guy that supportive and understanding at the same time. It’s a catch 22 for all of us. Sadly the society expects something that, if we deliver, makes us unhappy, but not being what the society expects us to be, makes us unhappy too…


      1. It not one’s words, actions or desires that count in the short or long run – but one’s behavior.

        Women voted for whom they wanted when they took off their panties and hopped into bed with bad boy’s, bastards and assholes.

        The nice, supportive and understanding guys got the message – loud and clear – then vacated the dating marketplace (friend zone) and found something better with which to occupy their time.


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