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The strings in our lives

In life we are often bound by strings that hinder our free movement

Relationships, worries, expectations of others,

It takes time to break free from everything that hold us back.

We can’t escape from everything at once. We have to work out what we want and what we are willing to give to achieve this.

Many people stay in a relationship despite of being unhappy and misunderstood. It’s just too comfortable to step aside and find something satisfying. And many people are too afraid to end a relationship because they worry they will stay alone.
Most people make their lives harder on themselves by creating boundaries that don’t exist. But they have to learn that they create these limitations and that they are the only ones to break them.

Every single day is so hectic and full of noise and overwhelming thingamajig we are stressed, have money worries, are sick because of our hectic lives.
We search for true friendship in a world where everyone has a million Facebook friends and everyone likes other people’s photos, without looking them just to gain more likes in return.

But every single one off all the people in the world want one thing.
And this happiness can only be achieved to live free.
Not free like lawless and like.a total outsider at the end of the world in a lonely hut.
Free as in one can choose freely what to do, say, like and feel.
Some people are so ignorant that they want to force their opinion on other no matter what.
And this limits our freedom.
Having to choose what you want to be in life at a joint age limits our freedom.
I mean, seriously, I wanted to be a ballerina once and Im as far from being one as I can possibly be.
And society limits our freedom.
People with tattoos and piercings are different, they are Less worth.
Chubby people are often seen as stupid and less worth.
Very thin people are seen as ill.
Gay people are criticised. People that choose a ‘weird religion’ in the opinion of other are weird.

I realised that no matter what, some people ALWAYS find a way to criticize others. Maybe to make themselves feel better or to make other feel bad.

One can only be free when he can choose freely and deep from his heart what to be, look like, how to act and what to say.

I always thought that the saying “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it” is one of the best advice.
Most times negative words fall out of our mouth and the instant they do we regret them.
We shouldn’t point out others bad sides. We should encourage them to show and improve their good ones.

And we should accept one another no matter what.

This can give others freedom to be themselves and to express their true selves.

And maybe someday we all can sing about the string that are no longer holding us back like Pinocchio.


Puppet picture by Eagleman


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