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Finding myself

So after struggling for years with figuring out who I want to be it looks like I finally found the answer.


Taking more time to think about myself, what’s important for me and what I want to achieve and what my goals are was especially important.

And at this time social media and the Internet was something I reduced greatly.

So that why there were no posts ^^


But I think I made a huge step into becoming ‘Me’.

I was raised as a Baptist but I never quite felt ‘at home’. All the rules and the threats of going to hell…

It never quite got to me

I always felt that being one with nature and oneself was more important than looking forward to some heaven you might never see…

Loosing family memebmeand searching for an ease of pain in God got always the same response.

Emptiness. The feeling of being lost.

Back then I was afraid of going to hell if I backed away from god or being left on earth in the end days.

But now, that I’m older and maybe a tad wiser, I can finally say that I feel no longer bound by my childhood.

I can finally make the decision of leaving Christianity and moving toward Paganism.

I always believed that there was a higher power.

And the idea our earliest ancestors had always appealed to me, and Buddhism fits all of that very well too. So why not walk their way and finally find myself.


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