About Me

Welcome Everyone to my blog 

Life is short – only a few decades long. You make friends, foes, go to school, travel, fall in love and make experiences.

Life is full of wonders and magic – everyone creates his own small wonderland.

Some share theirs with others and some keep it to themselves, but sharing means giving – and when you give you receive.

I want to share my ideas, thoughts, experiences, recipes and some photos with my readers to give something. Maybe I receive some likes or shares in return and gain a bigger readership..

So here are a few things about me:

I’m 26 years, blonde, blue eyed  and from Rosenheim, Germany.

I grew up in a Family of six children.

I like music, art, photography, languages, cooking, baking and writing.

I have been extroverted all my life and I like getting in touch with others and sharing my ideas.

And so I thought, why not start a blog and share some ideas, tips, experiences and so on…

Enjoy and forgive if my English is a bit shaky sometimes 🙂

“Who in the world am I? Ah, thats the greatest puzzle of all!”
  – Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland)


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