Bucket List

  1. Fall in love
  2. Kiss in the rain
  3. Marry
  4. Have a family
  5. Reach your perfect weight
  6. Discover a new hobby
  7. Take part in a cooking course
  8. Go snorkeling
  9. Climb a mountain
  10. Run a marathon
  11. Do volunteer work
  12. Change someone’s life for the better
  13. Learn a foreign language out of School
  14. Learn to play an instrument
  15. Overcome one of your fears (e. G. Fear of heights)
  16. Get a driver’s licence
  17. Drive an old American V8 Car
  18. Go on a Road Trip
  19. Spend a night under the stars
  20. Watch the sunset with your SO
  21. Watch the sunrise with your SO
  22. Get a sailing Licence
  23. Go sailing
  24. Have a successful blog
  25. Have 1000 Followers/Readers
  26. Publish a book
  27. Eat something unusual that’s a special in a foreign country
  28. Visit Moskau
  29. Travel around Africa
  30. Go on a Safari
  31. Visit Canada
  32. Visit the Northern Pole
  33. See the Northern Lights
  34. See penguins in wild life ( I only saw them in a zoo)
  35. Visit Great Britain
  36. Visit London
  37. Celebrate St. Patricks day in Dublin
  38. Go whale watching
  39. Visit South Korea
  40. Visit Japan
  41. Visit Tibet and pray with the monks In a Buddhist temple
  42. Visit Amsterdam
  43. Visit Australia
  44. Pet a Kangaroo
  45. Pet a Koala without getting pee’d on
  46. Snorkel in the great Barrier Reef
  47. Swim with Dolphins
  48. Visit America
  49. See the Mayas and Inka pyramids
  50. Go Sightseeing in New York
  51. Visit New Orleans
  52. Visit Paris