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So busy all the time

The last few months were really busy. First university with all the exams I had to learn for. By the way, I got into the third semester. So my exams were successful ^^ This put a lot of weight off my shoulders as I was worried not to make it into the third semester because…… Continue reading So busy all the time

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What made me happy this week

Sometimes there are days when you’re down and you don’t know why. Since I saw my gradesof my exams i have a lot of those days. But i keep on smiling. Grades aren’t everything and there is still time to catch up.  This week University was fun most of the time. From time to time…… Continue reading What made me happy this week


Nostalgic gaming

The last week my boyfriend and I have been playing Games on the computer together. But no, we didn’t play Battlefield or Mass Effect or other modern Games.  We played Mario Party, LEGO StarWars and Mario Kart. ____________________     We downloaded an emulator, plugged in the PS2 Controllers and played for hours. It was so much…… Continue reading Nostalgic gaming

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What made me happy this week

This week a lot happened. On Wednesday University started again and I was very anxious about it beforehand. But it was good. I felt comfortable with my friends around and to start the new semester was easier than I had thought. Everyone has to wrote at least one exam again and we settled on studying…… Continue reading What made me happy this week