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The strength to change

It’s time for a change. It has been for some time now but somehow I just can’t muster up the strength to go through with it. Losing weight always works for a few weeks but then I loose my confidence and fall back to carbohydrates and unhealthy eating. It’s so frustrating. Maybe this time… IT…… Continue reading The strength to change


So tired and cold

These last few weeks I’ve been feeling weird. I’m cold all the time and so tired.  It’s normals that I fall asleep in the car easily, but today I fell asleep in the car of my boyfriend’s parents. They’ve got an transporter and it’s impossible to sleep with all the Lou’s noise and the rumbling…… Continue reading So tired and cold

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What made me happy this week

Sometimes there are days when you’re down and you don’t know why. Since I saw my gradesof my exams i have a lot of those days. But i keep on smiling. Grades aren’t everything and there is still time to catch up.  This week University was fun most of the time. From time to time…… Continue reading What made me happy this week