Have you ever been to Paris, the city of love???
It’s wonderful. The old architecture, the culture, the mass of museums, the people…everything is fabulous there.
When you travel to Paris, there are a few Spots, you HAVE to visit and and some that are not worth it.
Here I present you my list:

I went to Paris with my boyfriend. And as we went over New Year it was FREAKING COLD!
Don’t go to Paris in Winter if you’re not used to freezing…


  1. The Paris Pass
    If you want to be very active and see as much as possible of Paris then take the Paris Pass! It offers many discounts, most of the museums are free and you get special VIP treatment when it comes to qiting in a Queue.
  2. La Galerie Lafayette Hausmann
    The golden dome in the heart of Paris!
    If you want to feel like a real VIP and get a taste of Paris’ High Society visit Galerie Lafayette Hausmann.
    When you enter the building you feel like youre in another world with all the glitter and glamour of the architecture and the shops.
  3. Deyrolle
    You dont have to be a hunting fan to enjoy this shop.
    You can see a lot of dead and padded animals there, most of them are beatiful creatues you’ll probaply never see in real life or get to this near.
    I have never seen so many butterflies and it’s really worth a visit!
  4. Flams
    If you want to taste the best Tarte Flamee you have ever had go to one of the many Flams Restaurants in Paris. You will not regret it!
  5. Montparnasse
    Thanks to the Tour Montparnasse, a Tower in the south of Paris you can get a great view from the 56th floor. Especially at night you can see all of Paris and the Eiffel Tower acting as a   lighthouse with lightshow.
  6. River Cruise
    Enjoy a very romantic river cruise on the seine with a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower and a very interesting History lesson.
  7. Notre Dame
    Wanna feel small?? This great and old church is the best place to feel close to heaven! Take a good look around and “see”.
    And a tip if you don’t want to wait in a Queue for several hours.
    GO IN THE MORNING when all the tourists are still in bed – means before 10 am!!!!!
  8. Big Bus Tour
    There’s no better way to see all of Paris.
  9. The Louvre
    The Louvre is not only the biggest shelter for Art and works of Art but also the greatest. When you walk through the big, well lit rooms you can still feel a bit of the blue-blood’s glamour who once lived there.The Mona Lisa is another reason for going there but let me tell you that there are millions of painting more beautiful than the Mona Lisa.
    Extra Tip:When you enter the louvre from the north you will see a small entrance on the right hand side.
    Thats where you can enter with your Paris Pass! The Queue outside takes about 3 hours to get in…


  1. Versailles
    If you want to spend a lot of money (about 18 Euro without the Paris Pass), snuggle with hundreds of tourists in small, crowded rooms and only see few rooms of a big Chateau, then Versailles is the right place for you.
    Seriously, dont go there.
    The garden is run down and there are way too many people and you dont get to see even a quarter of the whole palace.