The beautiful city of Pilsen in the Czech Republic…

Pilsen is about 13.765 hectare big and has 168.034 inhabitants.

The car Skoda and the Pilsen Beer comes from there.

It has many libraries and museum and a Zoo.

The Zoo is really great. There you can see raptors like owls, hawks and eagles from less than a meter.

You just have to reach out your hand and they bite it off ^^


In 2015 Pilsen has been awarded as the cultural capital of europe.


  1. U Salzmannu
    The oldest restaurant and Pension in Pilsen is a great place to eat. Its right in the middle of the city and just a few meters from the curch of Pilsen away.
  2. Catacombs Klatovy
    Here you can see lots of mummies that have been mummified by pure air. An experience you make once in your live!
  3. The Pub
    Great Food, especially Burgers, great Prices!
    A must visit for every Burger-lover!
  4. St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral
    When you visit Pilsen and you want a good view of the city take the 301 steps to the platform of the tower. You wont regret it!
  5. Bolevecs Lakes
    If you want to take a deep breath of fresh air and spend the day in the nature the Bolvecs Lakes are the right destination.
    Just a few kilometers away from Pilsen are the 12 lakes situated that offer a great place to “dangle ones soul”.
  6. Zoo Pilsen
    If you want to see wild animals like raptors, penguins, lions, monkey, bats and many more in real life and be tempted to touch a half-meter big eagle who is sitting only 20 centimeters away from you, then the Zoo in Pilsen is the right place for you.


We”ll, to be true there’s nothing I can say agains Pilsen! It doesn’t boast with the slogan “Most beautiful city” or with anything else. It a nice, quiet small city near the German border and really worth a visit…