Vienna is one of the oldest cities in europe and one of the most beautiful.

The broad walks and streets,  the beautiful churches and Buildings and the wonderful parks.

Vienna is really worth a visit.


  1. See where Princess Sissi lived and take a walk where she took one.
    The Castle of Schönbrunn is a wonderful building and if you make your way through the park to the top of the hill you get a great view of Vienna.
    Schoenbrunn in Vienna
  2. Enjoy yourself for a whole day at the Prater. Ride the attractions and get a great look of Vienna from  1897 opened Ferriswheel.
    Vienna Prater
  3. Explore the inner city with all its beautiful old buildings and feel like in another world.
  4. Visit the Butterfly garden, it’s worth a visit!
    Butterfly Garden



  1. Don’t try to explore the whole city by foot. Use the public transport or your’ll kill your feet.